Peptide drug discovery

Discovery and preclinical development of peptide drug candidates have been 3BP’s core competencies since the company’s inception. Integrated discovery programs from hit identification to early clinical development allow our partners to leverage 3BP’s

  • portfolio of peptide technologies
  • scientific and process know-how
  • CRO/CMO network

Our team has delivered preclinical drug candidates and sucessful discovery and optimization programs in various fields such as oncology, hemophilia, ophthalmology and CNS diseases. 3BP is capable of independently running “turn-key” discovery projects or working in close collaboration with its partners to best combine the scientific and technological capabilities of both companies.

Hit identification

3BP is using mRNA Display for peptide hit identification – the most capable method available because of its vast sequence library diversity of 1012 – 1014 sequences. Our team has been using and optimizing the technology for more than 15 years. 3BP can thus be regarded one of the most experienced companies in the world concerning the application of mRNA display technology.

Medicinal Chemistry


3B Pharmaceuticals runs ActivityBaseTM

3BP’s chemistry unit was set up to efficiently run iterative rounds of peptide optimization with excellent turnaround times. With our extensive optimization experience we are well positioned to generate new intellectual property for our customers.

Key success factors of 3BP’s chemistry approach are:

  • Diverse collection of building blocks. 3BP owns an outstanding collection of non-natural amino acids and building blocks for peptide- and peptidomimetic chemistry. Their instant availability forms the basis for rapid optimization cycles. The diversity is key to profoundly and flexibly optimize a compound’s pharmacological, physiochemical and ADME properties.
  • Various macrocyclization strategies. By routinely applying different macrocyclization strategies to peptidic hits we create constrained structures with potentially better affinity, selectivity and/or stability.
  • Increasing half-life. Our chemistry group has extensive experience with site specific conjugation of polymers, proteins and tags for improving the terminal half-life of novel lead compounds. 3BP has established several approaches for the enhancement of plasma protein binding.