The Assay Principle

The EScalate® assay comprises a microtiter plate-based two-dimensional dilution matrix of blood plasma and HSA-coated beads plus a set of appropriate controls. The impact of increasing plasma concentration on the binding equilibrium of a test compound to HSA-coated beads is determined experimentally. Samples are subsequently quantified by LC-MS. From the acquired data set, the free fraction (fu) of the test compound in plasma can be calculated. Results can be determined for any species for which plasma is available. For details please refer to the available documentation for the EScalate® assay.

Sample Processing
EScalate® samples are processed by 3B Pharmaceuticals in Berlin, Germany. Depending on the number of compounds and species to be analyzed, the final report will typically be available four to six weeks after receipt of the test compounds at 3B Pharmaceuticals’ facilities.

The EScalate® assay. Innovative in-vitro ADME.Plasma Protein Binding