PurAffin® Ligands are chemically stabilized peptide ligands (peptidomimetics) that combine the specificity and affinity of antibodies with the tractability of small molecules. PurAffin® ligands can easily be manufactured in large quantities by chemical synthesis.

Ligand comparision


PurAffin® columns can be stored at room temperature for months and tolerate harsh clean-in-place procedures as well as organic solvents.

3B Pharmaceuticals is selecting PurAffin® ligand candidates from vast peptide libraries with a complexity of up to 1014 different peptides. The resulting ligands are subsequently optimized by peptide/peptidomimetic chemistry and conjugated to a suitable resin matrix.


Getting access to PurAffin®

3B Pharmaceuticals is developing custom PurAffin® ligands and resins for any given biological. PurAffin® is licensed to the customer exclusively or non-exclusively for applications in DSP. 3B Pharmaceuticals can supply ready-to-use lab scale columns. Following the custom PurAffin® ligand and resin development, the customer has the option to access full support for upscaling and large scale process implementation of their custom PurAffin® purification product.

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PurAffin® resins. A new
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