The PurAffin® technology was developed by 3B Pharmaceuticals to bring the advantages of peptide-based affinity separation products to the customer.

With PurAffin® resins you can streamline your downstream process (DSP) development, improve the performance of complex processes, and thus reduce overall manufacturing cost.

Key advantages over classical non-affinity chromatography methods and antibody-based affinity purification methods are:

  • Fully synthetic and stable affinity matrix
  • Several hundred purification cycles per column
  • Improved yield and purity
  • Selective purification of the native target protein
  • Option to generate process IP based on the affinity ligand
  • Binding properties of PurAffin® ligands can be fine-tuned to your specific process and target protein requirements


Principle of PurAffin Purification


When should you consider custom development of PurAffin® process steps for your DSP project?

PurAffin® purification steps are particularly beneficial when…

  • you are facing purification challenges involving closely related by-products, inactive protein fractions, insufficient yield or purity, or an unstable multi-column process.
  • you need to remove a specific contaminant.
  • a robust process platform is needed for biologics sharing a common scaffold, sequence region, or fusion partner (e.g. FC-Fusion, VLP, non-antibody binding protein).
  • your antibody cannot be purified reliably with protein A/G.

A custom PurAffin® ligand program should be started early in your DSP development in order to synchronize DSP and PurAffin® development.

PurAffin® resins. A new
era in bioseparation.