Medicinal Chemistry

3BP's chemistry unit was set up to efficiently run iterative rounds of peptide optimization with excellent turnaround times.

Based on our extensive experience in the field and state of the art lab equipment we are optimal positioned to generate new intellectual property for our customers.

Successfully securing patent claims requires a comprehensive and data-driven understanding of the structure-activity relationships and is essential for maximizing the value of drug discovery projects.

Key success factors of 3BP's chemistry approach are:

Diverse collection of building blocks. 3BP owns an outstanding collection of non-natural amino acids and building blocks for peptide- and peptidomimetic chemistry. We have the experience to create the most meaningful compound sets and this accelerates the overall optimization process. Moreover this collection is of great value for optimizing, for instance, plasma stability and affinity of lead compounds.

Various macrocyclization strategies. By routinely applying different macrocyclization strategies to peptidic hits we create constrained structures with potentially better affinity, selectivity and/or stability. Furthermore cyclized peptides are often associated with higher permeability.

Optimized interaction with other disciplines. Receiving results of the most important tests, like biological assays, plasma stability, metabolite identifications and PK studies almost directly after synthesis is of great value for the progress and short turnaround times in optimization programs.

Modifications to increase half-life. Our chemistry group has extensive experience with site specific conjugation of polymers and proteins for improving the terminal half-life of novel lead compounds. BP has established several approaches for the enhancement of plasma protein binding. With those approaches one can aim at once daily or once weekly dosing regimen in humans.

Bispecifics, Dimers and Multimers. For multiple projects 3BP successfully used oligo- or multimerization approaches. Our chemistry group is also involved in the synthesis and optimization of bispecifics. Typical combinations are peptides or small molecules conjugated via spacers to small molecules, peptides, antibody fragments, antibodies or proteins.

Science-driven and creative. Sophisticated lead optimization at 3BP.