3BP's analytics department is well prepared to support all stages of drug discovery and development due to its extensive experience and sophisticated LC-MS and HPLC equipment.

Target protein characterization. Analysis and characterization of intact proteins as well as de novo sequence analysis of sub-units including characterization of post-translational modifications can be performed using our powerful UHPLC-QTOF-MS equipment.

Lead optimization. Multiple parameters of a lead substance can be determined in-house to support the optimization processes efficiently. For instance, stability assays in biological matrices (blood, blood plasma, urine) including identification of metabolites and determination of plasma protein binding are established.

Additionally, different types of DMPK studies are executed. Parent substance as well as metabolites can be analysed in blood, blood plasma, urine and tissue samples. Study design, coordination and analytics are performed in-house. The animal handling is done in close cooperation with validated external partners.

Preclinical evaluation. First chemical characterization steps of the lead substance can be performed (determination of solubility and chemical stability). Additionally, identification of impurities and degradation products are routinely performed.

Early formulation development is supported by solubility and stability assays as well as adsorptions studies (vessel, syringe).

Science-driven and creative. Sophisticated lead optimization at 3BP.