Assay Technologies

Using the right bioassays is key to successful drug discovery projects. On the basis of our longstanding experience with a broad spectrum of biochemical and cell-based assays, we constantly challenge ourselves to deliver the most meaningful and reliable in vitro data to support customer and in-house projects.

The variety of assay types that are routinely set up and run include ELISA-like binding assays, TrFRET, FP, electrochemiluminescence, enzymatic assays, Biacore, cellular adhesion, calcium influx, and enzyme release assays as well as FACS analysis. New technologies and assay formats can be adopted quickly to address specific project needs.

3BP runs the ActivityBase™ data management system for secure and traceable handling of assay and compound data.

Versatile assay platform. Flexible support of complex development requirements.Broad assay platform. Flexible support of complex development requirements